Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An update and my first Blog Award!

First, the Update:

I had a meeting with my landlords this weekend and I'm happy to report that it turned out very positive. They were happy to find the place in rather well kept by me. After seeing my concerns first hand, they were convinced to go with my handyman's estimate to get the work done. Saddly, the shed isn't part of the deal. It's going to have to be demolished - as it would cost more to fix it than the shed is worth.

So it's a bit of a winning situation. I'll just have to find a new way to store the stuff that was out there. Not that big of a deal though. Just means re-working the closet a bit. Afterall, I probably won't have access to a shed to store things when it comes to moving into an apartment w/ a roomie anyway, right? Might as well get the warm up for it now!

Now, on to the Blog Award!

This came from Being Carly and it's very cute. Not to mention, it'll give me a chance to endorss my fellow bloggers (and get them blogging more often because I always look forward to reading them).

So, here's the deal. As a recipient of this award, I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy (at least one of which I've done today). So, here goes!

1. Laugh with girl friend's about something silly.
2. Snuggling up with my pup on the couch.
3. Drinking a cup of a fabulous tea or other hot beverage.
4. Being a good friend.
5. Sleeping in when good dreams abound.
6. Watching a favorite movie on a stormy night.
7. Walking through Disneyland at night (even better, during the holidays at night!)
8. The gratitude of an audience.
9. Laughter of those I love.
10. Thoughtfulness.

I'm supposed to link 10 blogs that I enjoy to this as well, so, here goes:
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So sad to say I have yet to follow 10 blogs consistantly, but I like to actually read each entry on each one and be sure I give fellow bloggers the gift of actually paying attention to this crazy stuff we write. ;)

Happy Holidays!

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