Wednesday, December 23, 2009

25 til 30

Fear: I won't accomplish my health goals this year.
This is a fear that's only somewhat within my control. Afterall, I can't control a cold, or other illness that might bring me a set back, but I know that if I stay focused, I CAN and WILL accomplish my health goals.

Gratitude: People actually seem to read what I have to say occasionally, and find it helpful/inspiring. This isn't the reason why I write, but I know how comforting it is to hear of other people/athletes going through a similiar challenge that I face, so I'm grateful that things like this blog may provide someone else similiar comfort.

Inspirational Person of the day:
Perhaps the best testimony I can give for this next installment is that I wouldn't have done this:

or this...

without the woman furthest to the right.

Don't take the cute little nickname to mean this woman isn't tough as nails. BonBon and I met when we were cast in opposite one another in an original musical comedy called American Standard. It was her first show and I was just plain focused on working on the show, not making friends. But admittedly, she's hard not to like.
We bonded like most women do, through heartache. See, it was opening weekend of that show that my troubled marriage finally dissolved. I'm sure it left the cast wondering if I'd make it opening night, but I couldn't let them down. And let me tell you, there is nothing like making people laugh to help speed along the healing process. I didn't expect to make some lifelong bonds through that show. (For those who know show biz, casts are like family during a show, and usually go their seperate ways after the final curtain call.) Then again, it was an unusual show - that called for an unusual cast to pull it off (over and over and over again).

I never would have considered doing a triathlon, if it weren't for Bonbon moving away. She was moving to Conneticut with her boyfriend, and here I was, feeling a bit lost, and working my way through life. She approached me and proposed the idea of a triathlon to me as a final "Hoorah" that we girls could do together before she left.
At first I was completely hesitant. As some of you may know, I'll give my last drop of blood and then some for a friend, but a triathlon?! Really? Afterall, triathlons aren't for women struggling with their weight, right? They are for the already skinny, trained, confident athletes. But I thought about her proposal every day, and when I listened to Lou Mongello's podcast I decided I could at least try. My goals were simple - not to come in last, and to finish.

And finish we did. She beat me by about 10 minutes. And I'm forever grateful for her quiet push into the sport that would change the way I view myself and everyday life challenges. I was reminded during that race to trust myself. I was reminded that I am the queen of underestimating myself. And I was reminded to keep an open mind.

While I did it for my friend initially, I found out on the track that I wasn't thinking of her. I wasn't thinking of anyone but myself. I was truly realizing what it ment to "live in the moment".

And for those life lessons, I'm eternally grateful to have crossed pathes with BonBon.

Anyway, BonBon has always been a very open soul, and the inspiring thing about her is her capacity to love and be open to love in her life. It only enhances an already beautiful person.

While creativity abounds in this once-actress-now-esthetician, I love how she pushes her own limits. Truly, though, she is a great example to me that caring for others doesn't mean you sacrifice taking care of yourself. That's something most women (perhaps most people) strive to balance. Whether it's a daily struggle for her or not, I may never know, but she achieves it with a quiet grace that I may never achieve.

It's always great to have reminders in our lives who carry traits we aspire to. It reminds us to never stop trying to become more than we are.
Thanks Bonbon! You're unflagging love and support are always a source or inspiration for me - and I'm glad you're on my team.

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