Wednesday, December 30, 2009

11 until 30

Fears: Only that I will not have learned from my past enough - and repeat the same mistakes.

Of course, like all the other fears- this is up to me.

Gratitude: That I have this time to let my friends and family know what an impact they've had on me.

Inspirational Person of the Day:

I first started following her blog about 2 years ago, as she was preparing for her Disney World wedding. Over time, I got curious and started poking around to her other blogs, and got to know the woman a little better than just "the Bride".

I know this may sound silly, but reading her blogs were my final push to get back on the blogging train. You see, by reading her blogs were comforting for me. Afterall, we've all faced our own challenges, demons, heartbreaks and dreams come true. That's when it hit me. I realized that "Maybe there's something to just sharing my story that could help someone else out there?" So I finally started blogging. While I've yet to reach any record setting following, it's been a great experience that I would love to do more of (if my computer equipment weren't from the stone-age).

Anyway- thanks for writing BeingCarly! Best of luck in 2010!

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