Monday, May 30, 2016

Tag Team Living - Memorial Day Lay In

Beanie Girl has learned to crawl like a champ and is now free to cause mischief and mayhem. The mischief is generally encouraged (safely, of course). It's kind of a fun process watching her grow into her own lady, even though it's exhausting on an entirely new level. (Some parents ask, "Where did the time go?" I know exactly where it went...into that great big vat of sleep deprivation, that's where.)

Illness has been ripping through our house off and on. When we're 'off' being sick, life actually falls into a nice little pace. But someone is sick pretty much every couple of weeks (Beanie Girl just got over pnuemonia, and now My Sailor is under the weather...), it's been kind of a battle to find a stride that fits. But life is all about adaptation, so adapt we do!

We got annual passes to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It's a tiny little zoo with a nice little aquarium in Tacoma. It's just far enough away to get us out of the house, and just small enough to easily navigate with small children. Unlike the San Diego Zoo that I grew up with, it doesn't have a bunch of expensive gift shops and food, so it's a great way to enrich Beanie Girl and blow a few hours without breaking the bank. She LOVES the fish tanks.

Business has picked up, which means I'm busier than ever. I haven't figured out exactly how to balance the time I need into the day consistently yet, but it's a great thing. Allowing me to keep the lights on is a big deal, and I'm sincerely grateful to all of my friends and family who have reached out and helped. They ain't kidding - it DOES take a village.

This weekend wasn't what I'd hoped it would be. If you've followed this blog for any amount of time, you'd know that My Sailor and I aren't good at holidays. We don't get much practice (family always wants the big ones and deployments got in the way for years) and this was no exception. My Sailor turned up sick, so we've been spending the last couple days being pretty low key around the house. We even went to bed at 8:30!!! #gettingold.... But with all the Tag Teaming we do (when he's at work, it's Mom/Daughter time, and then he comes home and I go to work and it becomes Daddy/Daughter time... and if we're lucky one of us got enough spare moments to cook dinner. If we're REALLY lucky we both have the same day off together.)

That said, all of the things that I've been hearing about from friends lately make me incredibly grateful for the time and good fortune My Sailor and I have. No matter how scary things got, it's always been the two of us. 'We' have never been in jeopardy and that's astounding to me. 'Quitting' simply isn't an option for us and that has a quiet sort of confidence about it that I'm grateful for every day. 

So it's been a roller coaster of a year,  but we're on the way back up, and looking forward to the adventures of the summer.