Wednesday, December 30, 2009

14 til 30 (W/ Disclaimer)

Fear: I got nothin' today. :)

Gratitude: Today I'm grateful for lazy Saturday mornings (like todays!)

Inspirational Person of the Day:

Gerber Baby Family!

I've known the adults of this happy family since Middle School and High School.

Now, let me tell you, they were High School Sweethearts. Very few of those folks end up sticking together long enough to get married years later, but they managed to do it. Sure, they had their off and on moments (and sometimes I think they are going for the Gold if bickering was an Olympic Sport), but they've made the big commitment now.

The things that inspire me about these people though is their commitment to family and devotion to one another. They've been through a lot in their 10+ years together. They've taken their individual natural inclinations toward stubborness, and invested that in their relationship, making it rock solid. As for the bickering I mentioned, I've learned to understand and respect it a bit more. It shows that they feel free to express their feelings to one another, even if those feelings are just "warm fuzzies".

As for Gerber Baby? Well, spending time with him reminds me that the parenting gig is a lot of work. But the smile on his face when his parents come back to take over reminds me why that kind of thing is worth it.

Disclaimer: I am WAY behind on updating this. Life has been pretty hectic and I like to really spend time thinking before I write/blog, so I had to warp ahead.

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