Friday, December 18, 2009

29 left of 29

With 29 days left until my 30th birthday, here's the fear, gratitude, and inspirational person of today!

I've been one of those women who has worked hard to stay in good physical shape my whole life. And this year of my life will be no different. Surviving a 3rd of my life doesn't give me the license to slack off. So what's the fear involved here? That I won't reach my physical goals. For some reason, the last few years have been riddled with random illnesses. Well, this year is going to be different. While I can't exactly control getting a cold or an allergy or something like that, I can take the stance of "So what?" when it comes to those germies and just focus on my goals. Like at least 2 Triathlons and at least 3 stage shows. Ambitious? Sure! But isn't that what goals are all about?

Gratitude: Today I'm grateful for my friends especially. I got a Christmas card from Candy Man and his clan yesterday and it completely made my day. It's funny how sometimes those little things are the moments that make my day...

Inspirational person of the day:
Actually, these would have to be "people", but since they share the same last name, I count them as "person".

HotMama and D have been friends of mine for years now. The funny part of that is, when HotMama and I met, I really wanted nothing to do with her. I was hard headed and young, and she was in a whole different world than she is now. Nowadays, we're in almost daily contact.

Anyway, when she met D off eharmony, I thought "wow, you guys are moving awefully fast!" Before their first dating anniversary, they had moved in together, gotten engaged and married, and just after their first dating anniversary and honeymoon, they transplanted themselves to Arizona (from their previous home in Carlsbad, California).

HotMama was a great source of nurturing and encouragement to me when I needed it most. I was going through a divorce that, while I was handling well, was definately life changing, and during that same time she was getting married. We were at polar opposite moments in our lives, but still managed to be there for one another. She helped me stumble through the day to day stuff, and I got to be there to hear her wedding woes. I think we sort of kept each other in check.

But that's just HotMama. What about this particular couple is inspirational to me? Their wedding was when I first noticed that they were one of those couples. The way D looked at HotMama during their wedding made me realize that I want that in my life someday.

Since their marriage, they've moved from California to Arizona to accomodate his schooling. Living off student loans and grants is tough when you're a single person, but even more so when you're a young couple. During that time frame, HotMama also got pregnant with their son, LittleD. Saddly, LittleD was still born. Most couples don't survive the death of a child. But they struggled through, leaning on one another, and in the midst of all of that (and multiple medical problems going on with HotMama), they concieved LittleE, their daughter.

After another tough pregnancy, LittleE was born happy and healthy. Within months of her birth, HotMama and D ended up moving back to California, but this time to the northern portion. D is still passing his tests to finalize all of his schooling efforts. But this hardworking couple is a reminder to me that, no matter the road block, if you lean on each other and stick together, anything is possible.

I guess they help remind me that love really DOES conquer all.

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