Monday, December 21, 2009

26 til 30

Fears: Not reaching my goals.

Gratitude: That no matter what happens to be going on with me, there almost always seems to be enough peace and love to share with others.

Inspirational Person of the day:


I happened to meet ComputerGuy in the summer of 2006, after a showing of Guys and Dolls that I was in for my local community theater . We chatted for a while and became fast friends.Eventually, he became one of the influential forces in my life.

There are more than a few admirable qualities about this guy, but one thing that inspires me is his insatiable curiosity. He seems to want to know things - everything. He can generate a sincere interest in just about anything. It's that insatiable zest and hunger for life that I treasure about people like him in my life. That quality pushes me to be more than I am and helps remind me that, no matter the situation, there is always something wonderous to discover in the world.

Another thing that I admire about this guy is his drive. Have you ever seen someone else so movtivated that it helps keep you on track? That's ComputerGuy for ya. I'm not known for my focus (though it's vastly improved over recent years), so this is definately a good reminder that anything can be acheived if you keep your eyes on the prize, plan your work, and work your plan.

And finally, probably the thing I like best about ComputerGuy, is his lack of a "filter". Though we don't talk often now-a-days, talking is definately not this man's short fall. I don't think he knows HOW to water down his opinion/feelings/truth as he sees it. While sometimes this may get him in trouble (as I'm sure it may come off as tactless to the wrong audience), I've always admired those that aren't afraid to name the Elephant in the Room - even if it may mean conflict is sure to ensue. Too often frankness is diluted so much that it loses it's potency.

Of course, there is a huge advantage to having people in your life who are so blatantly honest. It means a compliment is always as sincere as they come.

So thanks for being you, ComputerGuy!

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