Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When the tide comes in...

My Sailor chatting it up with his family.
Well, wouldn't ya know it? Look at what the tide brought in last night?

That's My Sailor chatting it up with this family on the way home from pick up! I'm still in shock a little bit, but we are both really enjoying each other's company. It's funny the little things you miss. Holding each other's hand... voices... kisses... the way each could shares a glance with that intimate form of unspoken communication...

We're a bit nostalgic, so we ate dinner at the same place where he had his last meal on dry land, and spent the evening in a usual low key manner, snuggling on the couch to the rest of the a Michigan football game, and catching up on a few episodes of a favorite shows (Castle, Terra Nova, and South Park), enjoying the comfort of just having one another there.

Today, he's back at work, checking out of one boat and into another, and I'm doing laundry. As expected, there won't be any long breaks until March at this point, but we're hoping he'll be able to get a few days off so we can us a gift certificate my parents gave us to a gorgeous resort - 
See that building on the upper left hand side of the phote? That's the Salish Lodge!
One of their amenities includes a fireside couple's massage. SIGN ME UP! We're pretty excited to cash in our gift certificate! And it certainly helps that January turns out to be the month of their "Welcome Home" promotions for military! That means our gift certificate will go a little further, since we'll be getting 30% off! They are booked up every weekend for the next few months, so I'm looking forward to a week day get-a-away someday soon.

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