Monday, January 30, 2012

...Paved with Good Intentions aka Single Riders Line

Quote of the Blog: "L'enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs" - Samuel Bernard of Clairvaux

Going on 16 straight days of work and/or duty, it's safe to say we've forgotten what a "date night" is, and the brunt of the housework has fallen to me.

While I am NOT a domestic goddess, it kinda sucks to work full time and take care of everything around here too, so that's my tiny vent.

That said, it felt great to fulfill some of the "good intentions" I had upon moving in here. You know, those little household things that nag at ya', and you want them done - yet, they seem to slip your mind time and time again?

I've had a few of those. I have 2 tables that need refinishing. Until this evening, the dining room table needed bolts tightened. In fact, it's needed those bolts tightened since I moved in (April of 2010, for those keeping score at home).

Earlier today, I was at a loss with what to do with the day. My Sailor had an surprise duty shift. So I took myself out on a date, party of one style. Heading to a local micro brewery (Silver City), I took up a seat at the bar and enjoyed a micro brew and a salad for a great deal. (Using a certificate their "loyalty" program sent me for my birthday, I spent a total of $10 with tip.) I then took myself out to a movie - Man On A Ledge - which was pretty good.

Coming home rejuvenated, I started on a cleaning spree. I'm currently folding an embarasing 2 weeks worth of laundry! (We kept hoping he'd have a day off to help out, but no luck as of yet.) The kitchen is spot less, as is the entryway, and I did all the vacuming (though Clydas and his bone was quick to remind me that is a futile chore).

I even grabbed a wrench and a flashlight, got under the dining room table, and FINALLY tightened those bolts.

I'm surprised at how accomplished I feel for doing things that seem so easy.

Now to get the rest of this folded before he gets home!

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  1. Since I'm solo, I totally understand the having to do everything all the time...It can get old for sure! You're right though, you do feel pretty accomplished when you get it done!