Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Are you Feelin' Lucky, Punk?"

This morning I woke up to the apartment almost completely cleaned. Dishes? Done. Counters? Cleaned. Hard floors? Swiffered. Futon cover? Back on the Futon. Bathroom? Clean (expect for the shower). My Sailor got home at 4am and couldn't sleep -so he cleaned! I win. I feel very lucky.

So today I pitched in and put the finishing touches on the cleaning job with a little grocery shopping to stock up on some goodies. I started dinner for the week (lentil soup, the beans have to sit overnight - makes about 10-12 servings so I plan to freeze most of it in serving size containers)... and then something got the better of me.

Call if lack of sleep. Call it the weather change (snow to rain). Call it just plain "a bug", but I ended up puking my guts out worshiping the (clean) ceramic god for the better part of 10 minutes... and my stomach still isn't sure if it's done.

It was funny though - as I was kneeling there - I had a whole new appreciation for a clean toilet...

Even though my stomach was playing the part of Dirty Harry today.

Sadly, that scraps my plans for a visit to the YMCA tonight.

BUT on the UPSIDE, My Sailor and I FINALLY decided on a HONEYMOON! So while I rest up tonight, I'll spend some time getting our honeymoon registry all hammered out. Next week's task, Guest List! It's pretty exciting that everything is coming together as well as it is. The finances have worked out so we can take our trips we need/want to take this year, and, while things take effort, it's not as overwhelming as it once felt.

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling well...sadly, I know how that goes right now.

    That's awesome that things are coming together!