Tuesday, January 24, 2012

That ain't no whistlin' Dixie!

Living in Washington has truly been a great adventure so far. From snow, to hail, to "frozen mix" (an indescribable mix of tiny hail, sleet, snow, ice and rain), to rain, to sunshine and back again, it's been a fun 9 1/2 months so far. Never a dull moment! Tonight, there is a "Wind Advisory". There have been a few of these before, and they haven't really been a big deal. I've been through desert winds before so I figured, with all the trees to break it up, this would be nothing.

Not true!

Tonight, the wind is rattling through the trees as if the world was barren. Nothing seems to slow or diffuse it. It's far from a tornado, but 50 mph winds are certainly worth writing home about (or blogging about).

To make the evening a bit more fun, I'm flying solo at watching The Dead Files - probably the most unabashedly staged "ghost hunting" show on television. The spooky blowing winds seem like more of a special effect than a true act of nature at this point. (Though the dog pressed against my hip would beg to differ I'm sure. Clydas storms don't really get along all too well, but he's learning to cope with them well, as long as he has someone to snuggle up against.)

Speaking of "that ain't just whistlin' dixie", I was catching up some podcasts today and heard that Lou Mongello is committing to the Disneyworld 5k every year for the forseeable future! His recap of the marathon gave me the itch to do it. Which put me in a strange place. My spirit is excited about the prospect of a marathon (well, 1/2 marathon - gotta start somewhere!). But my feet and my body aren't too sure about it. First step is to call the podiatrist. 2nd step is to figure out what is going with my endometriosis or scar tissue. It's acting up again (though not as severely as before). It gets worse when I do heavy work outs, so I've been scaling things back, but I know training will push me.

Fear of pain is keeping me from training right now. Fear of pain, good shoes, and arch issues.

So I'm faced with a choice - which dog will I feed? Fear? or Dedication? Dedication doesn't know failure. It doesn't care how long it takes to meet a goal - only that it's met.

I think Dedication wins this round. Fear is still there a little, but ya know, first step is first! Time to call a podatrist!(LONG overdue!)

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  1. Yes, figure out what's going on with those feet and get it figured out. Once you do that, the dedication becomes easier and the fear will melt away.