Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day!

Yesterday, My Sailor had a 'snow day'! He got to stay home from work, so we went out in the evening to play in the snow a bit!
  While Clydas isn't in LOVE with snow, he's 'warming' up to it. (I know- bad joke, but I couldn't resist.)
So today, I'll share this clip of Clydas and My Sailor playing "catch". Enjoy!
Disclaimer - I am 100% for leash laws, and it's VERY rare that I let my dog play outside off leash in a public area. We felt safe with it this time because Clydas was between 2 of us, in a very small yard area.


  1. Clydas is just too darn cute. Love playing catch with dogs using snowballs :)! Glad you all had a snow day and some fun!