Thursday, January 5, 2012

Decisions make all the difference

It's been wonderful to have My Sailor back! Just these first few days have helped remind me what an amazing relationship we've grown into. The commitment is still the same one that he left with. We're in this life together, whether that means he's out "Finding Nemo", or I'm dealing with whatever this thing is. That decision alone has shaped so much of our lives, even when we didn't realize it.

When I was dx'd with PCOS in 1999,  I went through the usual stages of depression and all that which comes with being diagnosed with a chronic illness. Once I snapped out of it, I realized that it was up to me to decide how much of my life this was going to define. How much was I going to relent and give in to symptoms? I think I've done a pretty good job of understanding that it's part of my life, while pushing back enough to not allow it to rule my life. This week has been another good example. That 'phantom pain' I mentioned before? Well, it's starting to have more in common with Endometriosis symptoms than anything else right now. To put it bluntly, it feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife where "righty" used to be. It's better when I don't move around much, or when I can distract myself by walking. Yes, it COULD be some weird muscular adhesion as well, but either way, there isn't really anything to be done but take some ibuprophen, put on my big girl panties, and carry on with a smile! So I haven't let it slow me down too much. Why? Because I decided long ago that I would listen to my body, but I wouldn't let aches, pains, and chronic conditions control how I feel about myself or what I do with my day (whenever humanly possible).

Because of that decision, I've really been able to enjoy time with My Sailor since he's been home (even though he's already back to work).

When I moved to Washington, I made another decision. Before I even left California, I decided that I wouldn't let the weather keep me "trapped" inside. So far, it hasn't. Sure, it's been super stormy sometimes, but I still get out a little bit everyday.

I guess this whole blog is a reminder to myself that, when we truly make decisions and firm commitments, the sky is the limit.

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  1. Great attitude and you're right, it's how you treat the situation that matters :)