Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lots of New and Strategizing

So the good news is - My Sailor is home safe and sound! We had 4 glorious days together. We saw 2 movies: Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocal - which is SO much more entertaining when you're watching with someone who understands nuclear weapons to the point where he starts to laugh at the inaccuracies, and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows. We both really loved both movies.

We also bought a new car!
Well, new to us - which is all that really matters. It's a 1999 Audi that we love. Since My Sailor is having to work crazy hours, 2 cars are a must now and thankfully, we're in a position where we can afford a second car, without overextending ourselves. Which is a relief! It's also nice to know we have a back up if something goes massively wrong with the other car and we can't repair it right away.

So we had a few days together, but we decided not to both turning around My Sailor's sleep schedule. His work schedule is noon until 11pm on some days, and until 3am on every day. That includes weekends - though he'll be getting every other weekend off. So that doesn't make for a lot of together time. In fact, if I had a "day job" that required me to be at an office, we wouldn't really see each other much at all for the next couple months.

So how do you make "quality time" when all you have to work with is a lunch break?  Well, you do little things for each other.

Today was a great example. While I was working, My Sailor did the dishes and general cleaning in the kitchen. A small thing that only took him a few minutes but took one thing off my mind, so when I got off work, I could just relax.

And a clean kitchen made it so much easier to bake up something special to return the favor -
Cinnamon Sugar Cookies - Hearts and Stars

I made very few of them (1 small batch) so I had a few for dessert tonight, and the rest I'll leave for him around his work week. I figured I can hide one inny the Audi (I couldn't resist) before work, and maybe leave one or two on a plate for when he comes home. The left overs will be shipped out in some care packages for some gal pals. They aren't that bad for you either (4 of them run about 190 calories).

When the going gets tough - the tough get creative!

I can't wait for our "spring break" vacation! Looks like this March we may be going to Michigan and making a quick trip to Disneyworld and SeaWorld!

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  1. Sounds like things are going pretty well - that's awesome!