Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh, The Plans of Mice and Men

Checking out a new hiking trail with Clydas.

Today, My Sailor is finishing up his 15th straight day of work. Tomorrow, he was supposed to be off work, so all week I've been looking forward to FINALLY getting out to Seattle to use those coupons we printed up for my Birthday (Jan 16th). They expire on the 30th, and Sunday is the 29th. (I did try to give them away, but no takers - yet anyway.) 
  But last night we found out he's working today (home around midnightish), and, due to yet another a change in the duty schedule, he'll be doing a duty shift (until around 3am on Monday). So there goes our Seattle day.
  There are still some chores to do around here tonight, but if I get them done, I've decided that I could certainly use the break to head to the city myself - but since we're trying to save money - "2 for 1" coupons aren't really a "deal" when you're flying solo.
  Ah the plans of mice and men. Actually, it's been great for me. While I don't agree with a live with zero expectations, I do agree with life full of hope, activity, and something to look forward to. It's challenging to do when schedules don't seem to line up, but I'm not the type to let it get me down for long! I'm so grateful that I learned to fly solo. It's really helped with the adjustment up here!

 Take tonight as a perfect example. I got a text around 4:45 saying that "Should be done soon" from My Sailor. It's RARE that he can send texts at all, let alone gets off HOURS early!

When 7pm rolled around and he wasn't back yet, I just started dinner. (Define "soon", right?) Portobello Mushroom caps stuffed with crab and feta cheese! Delicious and oh so healthy as well! There is some in the fridge he can have when he gets home, but I'll probably be asleep by then.

See, I refuse not to have expectations. I think it's healthy to have them. But it's equally as healthy, perhaps, to have realistic expectations that involve the ability to change plans, when needed.

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  1. Sounds like you're making the best of the situation and rolling with the changes. That's awesome!