Sunday, January 27, 2013

"That's how it's done" or "Flabby joins the Japenese British Navy Special Forces"

Today I had my first appointment with a personal trainer.

I was expecting to sign up with a girl named Beth - one of the trainers through my local YMCA. After getting the "all clear" from My Sailor to try a personal trainer, and being desperate to lose some of these unwanted inches, this sounded like the healthiest way to accomplish my goal.

Through the YMCA, "The First one's Free, Then you gotta pay" and they hooked me up with whoever was available for my first session. It's a great way to see if you're really serious about the work, or if you're just playing at it.

As I said before, I was fully expecting Beth, but instead, I got TRAINER GUY!

Now, I was already scared/nervous about going, but I know myself well enough to know that this was a fear worth facing. Change is always scary, and so is admitting you need some help. Pushing fear is what actual bravery and courage are all about, right?

I had read Beth's profile and what turned me on the most is that she is certified in Crossfit, which is supposed to be an amazing, yet challenging, work out,

I HAD read Trainer Guy's profile. I was immediately intimidated. Here are just a few bullet points from his profile:
- Represented Scotland in Rowing
- Head Coach of the Tacoma Rugby Team
- Multistate champion cyclist
- Training with British Special Forces

Intimidated yet? That's not exactly where I am physically, though I am aiming for a 1/2 Marathon this fall. 

When I met him, I'm sure he thought I was just another Navy Housewife with some extra fat to lose, rather than a woman who loves a hard work out, and is ready to slip into the athletic skin I know I've always had.

While he didn't tell me much I didn't already know (my body is probably very happily settled in "starvation mode", and I need to eat more often). After we started warming up, the nerves faded and we were in it to win it.  He seems to be the right combination of motivator and encourager. What I really needed though, isn't a cheer leader or a butt kicker.

What I really needed is his experience.

And boy, was my first work out an experience!

I went in with sore thighs from Friday night's  Zumba. After about 30 minutes of a work out with this guy, using Japanese methodology and some interval training, I came home, added to my cool down by taking the dogs on a 2 mile training walk.

I knew I was going to be feeling it.

But I didn't expect to feeling it so soon!

After a shower, I got back to work and sat down...and then every muscle in my body ACHED. Well, maybe not EVERY muscle. I could still type, sit, and move my head comfortably.

But after an hour of sitting, I got up to go downstairs and it was slow going!

Please don't read this as complaining. The pain actually felt amazing.

When I was enjoying a guilt free glass of wine, spinach salad, with a side of salmon for dinner at a local haunt, I truly felt like I'd earned dessert...

So I came home to some... a hot steaming cup of diet hot chocolate. :)

Good day done.

Now, the hardest part I'm having trouble digesting is the investment. Now that my freebie is out of the way, the best package runs $150/week. "Yikes." How can I possibly justify this when we're trying to figure out how to pay off a pesky credit card AND fund an adoption?!

This is how:
My health is worth every dime. I'll take these next 4 weeks and learn all I can from him. Then I'll taper back to weekly check ins or something like that to keep the costs down until my 1/2 marathon this fall (assuming I can afford to do said 1/2 marathon).  The funny thing about money, there is always a way to work out whatever is a priority.

And this has GOT to be a priority. Like parenthood, it's not going to get any easier as I age, so it's best to tackle it as soon as possible.

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