Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Beautiful day for Goodbye

One more notch to add to my sub wife belt. Saying goodbye on a holiday. But at least today wasn't pouring rain, and maybe that's why it hasn't really struck me yet. I'm in that "excited to get stuff done before he gets home" phase, rather than the expected "tears and achiness" phase.  I expect that might creep up as my birthday does, but it's still weeks away, so I'll take my currently found motivation and run with it. (Literally, I'm starting my 1/2 marathon training tomorow!)
  I had lunch w/ a friend and her youngin's today, and explored a new park a little bit. It's inspired me to get another year's worth of a Discover Pass (a pass that let's you park and camp in Washington state parks, rather then pay-as-you-go parking). Between that and my brother's idea to check out some local museums and history, I'm feeling pretty inspired to keep getting out there and having more local fun. Lately, it's felt as though all the work with the house has kept me, well, around the house. Remembering the adventurous feeling I've been lacking in 2012 will really help me find some more bliss- especially since I'm going bread free this month! ;) Gotta keep my spirits up w/o the self-medicating effects of big doses of carbs (which no body needs).
Sweet dreams 2013. Thanks for coming so quickly.

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