Saturday, January 26, 2013

Odins make good Blankets and a Project on the horizon

Odin warming up the love seat
Clydas trying to get comfortable in my lap
Finally comfortable... as long as I don't move
It's another exciting Friday night at the house. The roommate is in his room, probably indulging in a healthy portion of amine. I'm out in the living room, sharing the loveseat with Odin, our Great Pyrenese, while Clydas, my beloved Boxer boy, enjoys the heater and a warm blanket nearby. Unlike his Boxer bretheren, Odin's breed was born for the mountains in Asia, so he's more comfortable at below zero temperatures. He's still a puppy (under 2 years old), so he LOVES to snuggle - but  he quickly over heats and hops off to find cooler ground to lay on.  Sometimes his snuggling includes laying his 80+ pound body on top of Clydas. Odin makes Clydas (the 55lb Boxer, all muscle) look like a "small dog" so I occasionally have to reign in Odin's affection for his brindle brother and remind him that's bigger and Clydas can't breath when, say, Odin decides to lay on Clydas' head...

It's a comical balance I keep every day.  They certainly keep me on my toes, as visitors can attest to, but they couldn't be better company on these chilly winter nights. 

They never fail to wake me up with a smile.  I think Clydas' favorite time of day is morning. He wags his little nub off every morning without fail, and Odin LOVES to sneak up on the bed and completely lay on top of me to get a morning scratch in. It's cute... until I try to reason with the huge dog on top of me that I need to be able to get up in order to get him breakfast...

It's a crazy, funny, unconventional dynamic that I wouldn't change for the world. I've never been the type to want a conventional life. You know... 2.5 kids, a dog, and a house with a white picket fence, and it's funny that the animals in my life have come to reflect that. They are two very different breeds physically speaking, but the mesh beautifully.

That said, there may be a new project on the horizon - and God knows I NEED something else to do than work, working out, daydreaming about travel, and preparing for a Gotcha' Day that's realistically still nearly a year or more away.

So I need something I can do that won't take away too much of the precious little time My Sailor, but something that will get me closer to my goals. While I miss theater, our schedule is yet again so unpredictable, it makes this a patron year rather than a performing yet. I can hardly believe I'm giving up another year of acting and singing...

But an old friend of mine has been struggling to write a book. While it's not my usual genre of literature, I'm finding that it might just be an important project. I had the brain storm of co-writing a book together - a non-fiction, honest, hard hitting story. We'll have to see what comes of it, but I think it's a good solid, attainable goal for the year. Most of my published work has been non-fiction, so this new venture isn't entirely foreign to me, but since it has a personal connection, the integrity of the work make it something I can really get behind. No details at the moment though.

You'll just have to wait and buy the book.

For now, I'll enjoy what I can without kiddoes. Yes, it's my usual evening ritual of furkids and movies.

For tomorrow, starts my journey with a personal trainer!

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