Monday, January 28, 2013

Being Enough is more than Enough

I stumbled across this as part of a Health, Heart, and Happiness group I'm part of (online, yes, read the previous post if you don't know how awesome these communities are).

I couldn't have put it better myself.... (Watch the video first and then read on.)

I never felt a huge pressure to be "pretty" from my mom. I mean, I've always felt my mom is gorgeous - far above the average. Any pressure I felt came from my peers and the media... and honestly -me.

Do you know for YEARS I couldn't look people in the eye? I was always playing this dialouge in my head about what they must think of me. "How's my posture?" "I hope they don't notice that zit on my lip." "Oh geez... I haven't been able to get my hair waxed." "I'm so fat... I hope they don't notice that I'm fat." "I'm less of a woman because I grow this crazy dark body hair...I hate PCOS..."

Gets kinda noisey in my head sometimes.

Once I accepted that "Yup! I'm physicially flawed, but so is everyone one else!" I was able to grow past that.

I'd rather be "pretty" the adjective than "pretty" the verb. If I pull off the later, cool!

If not, I don't particularly care.

(Warning - it's a little R rated - there is a single solitary curse word... and pretty has 6 letters, but ya know...)

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