Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Making Cents and Carrying Water

Today I did the great banks shuffle that I do every 2 weeks. Only this time, with some tweaks.

See, we keep seperate accounts, but we both contribute to a "house bill" account. Well, our housebills went up, but our input, well, didn't. That was causing a problem (as you might imagine). so we boosted our contributions big time this month.

The result? The bills are paid sooner, and we STILL have a whole paycheck to go this month! I'm breathing a sigh of relief over it. I really hate being tight on money, even though I've lived fairly frugally for most of my adult life. Still, we're DINK (duel income no kids) household at the moment, so we get to enjoy some perks here and there.

To keep our bank accounts looking that way, I opted not to book a flight home for the long weekend after my birthday. It wasn't an entirely easy decision, but I know we'll need a loan this year, so the more we save and pay off now, the better we'll be for that turn of events. It's about the cost of a new car (though we're not using it for a car, we're spreading it out for home improvements, adoption, etc). 

It's amazing how much money you save when you don't go out. I know that sounds silly, but seriously - when it's just me, I go out to a movie or a meal about once a week. My weekends turn into more "get chores done" time than anything else. The biggest motivator is usually homecoming, or the dogs.

But Odin is turning me into a much better housekeeper. Though he's FINALLY stopped shedding entire small animals when he walks by, he still sheds enough that vaccuming once a week doesn't really cut it (especially since I don't like my house smelling like dog). Vaccuming turns into dishes, which turns into laundry... heck, I spent New Years day MOWING THE GRASS and spray the damned Blackberry bushes that are popping up everywhere. Which has yet to work, but I digress...

But the question that pops up more often then not is "How are You holding up?" It feels great to have friends and family concerned about me. I won't lie. With regular work stress, raising young dog stress, adoption, deployment, and sick family member stress... it's a LOT. And yup, I cry a little now and then. It's especially hard when, honestly, I haven't had human touch in over a week. That's probably the hardest part.. My Sailor and I aren't crazy physically affectionate in public. But just imagine going a full week without touching another human being.

Are you there yet?


Well, if you can, try it sometime. It's an... odd experience. No hugs hi and bye. Not even so much as a handshake.

 Now, add to that having tough times. Times where a hug could really make you feel like you're burden is being lifted or shared.

And there you have it.

It's not that the WONDERFUL people in my life DON'T share it. It's just that they are physically pretty far away at present, which gives me a whole new perspective. I really appreciate every friendly voice and email in a whole new way when I'm flying solo.

And sometimes, I watch a sappy movie JUST so I cry and have a chance to tip my bucket, empty out some of the load, and look forward.

My dad is doing well. He just started radiation and chemo today. I'm hopeful he doesn't feel too many ill effects over the next few weeks, and I do worry about my family down there. I miss coffee w/ the folks on the weekend all that jazz. I love my life here, don't get me wrong. In fact, I think that everything I'm feeling is very healthy.

It just sucks sometimes.

But right now, right this second, I'm thrilled to see there that we're making financial headway - and our taxes aren't even started yet. Yeah!

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