Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm 31 years old... and I Believe.


Good. Now that we understand each other and that's out of the way, let's proceed, shall we?

My Christian friends are probably cringing right now. No, I haven't forgotten The Reason for the Season. But it's time I came out of the closet.

I'm 31 years old, and I believe ... in Santa. (Double click on the box below.)

Available for rent through Youtube and for free through (No, no one pays me to advertise. What you get here is what I've stumbled across and what's moved me.)

If you see one holiday movie this year, make time to see Becoming Santa.One man's journey into becoming Santa Claus really hit home for me today. He discovered a feeling I've tried to put words to for years now. Thank you Jack and your team for making this film!

Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ, but yes, I also believe in Santa.

And yes, I don't believe the 2 have to contradict one another.

Do I believe a fat, bearded home invader in a red and white suite will show up on my rooftop and leave coal or presents in my stockings that are hung by the fire with oh-so-much care? I should explain...

I believe in all Santa stands for. And I believe anything that opens the doors to the kindness, the goodness, and the generosity in people's hearts, is a good thing. So in that, in short, I believe in Santa. My face still lights up when I see him in the Disneyland Christmas parade and he waves to me. (Yes, just at me! Not at you, even if you're standing right next to me.)

A few people interviewed in the documentary put to words what I've always felt, but never been able to find a way to vocalize:

"To stop believing in Santa Clause at an 'appropriate age' is a completely foreign concept to me. I kinda feel sorry for people who stop believing at any certain time."- Unknown

"Is the faith that there is a gentleman in the North Pole who actually comes on his sleigh that actually lands on your roof and comes down a chimney and puts all these toys there? Is that what we're believing in? Or are we believing in the goodness and the kindness of humanity? The fact that we've created a story for a child but as adults we actually perform what it is that this being is doing." - John Merian, President of Tuxedos by Merian.

"I don't think there is anything better about humans, anything more redemptive about humans, than when we give." - David Pilgrim, PhD, Fonder Jim Crow Museum

"Whether it's doing it for charity, or just to bring joy to your child or a loved one, there is something wonderful about being a secret giver and doing it mysteriously." - Santa Tim Connaghan, The Kringle Group, LLC.

"We need a person or a force out there to promote the ideas of goodness, and kindness and generosity, and happiness, and joy." - Santa Earl Nicholas

"I think Santa is maybe a bit of a common denominator for us all...For me, Santa Claus helps deliver all of those feelings that should be present in all religions. I think that he creates this...this magical experience for people without having any of those road blocks that we put up. I don't think we mean to put up those road blocks, but we do." - Unknown

"There are Christian Santas, there are Jewish Santas, there are Muslim Santas, there's a Budhist Santa, there are Wiccan Santas, and there are probably Santas that have never seen the inside of a place of worship in their life. What do they share in common? They share the belief that love, hope, and joy is the best of us." - a Military Santa

No matter what you believe, Santa Claus was, at one time, a real person. His story of generosity has grown into a tradition. Even if Christ's Birthday and Santa's arrival weren't  celebrated on the same day, I'd still believe. (In fact, how awesome would be it to celebrate them on different days?! After all, St. Nicholas died on December 6th, but Germany and Austria celebrate Santa's Arrival on December 5th.) Because, at the risk of repeating myself, if it can open people's hearts to accentuate the goodness, kindness, and generosity - Sign. Me. Up.

This year, my one gift from Santa would be to please find My Sailor on his submarine and give him the feeling of a warm hug from me.

Yes, there's there's a little Santa in all of us.

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