Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hamster Zombies

Today I took a little drive to Tacoma and discovered a new favorite store, Tacoma Boys.
The produce was fresh (and mostly local), the meat looked amazing (I came home with some Salmon I'm looking forward to trying tomorrow!), and the service was friendly at this small farm-stand/butcher/wine cellar (seriously - over 300 wines! I was in heaven, though I didn't bring anything new home, just a bottle of Spanish white I've had before and enjoyed).
Anyway, I was getting in the car for the long drive home and I heard a commercial on the radio where a man and a woman were talking about bank fees. The plot was simple. The man had a "recurring nightmare" about $5 disappearing from his bank account over and over again. A woman reminds him that they just switched banks to a free checking account. He relaxes and says that he can go back to his "other recurring nightmare" - Hamster Zombies.
I laughed out loud. Hamster Zombies... would that be like the black plague all over again? Yeah, I know, scary thought in reality, but I wouldn't mind seeing a movie on hamster zombies. I have the perfect title:
G Force, First Blood.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a fun store.

    Yes, hamster zombies sound frightfully delightful :)!