Thursday, December 1, 2011

And we're Over it.

It's almost bed time and I'm feeling better already. Why? Well, I took my supplements today, and one healthy decision leads to another with me - so I started drinking my water. Which head to actually having some energy when work was over, so I did the dishes, folded the laundry (and put away 1/2 of it, but I put the other 1/2 on the bed, so it's in my way and I HAVE to put it away). And my encouragement to call it a night at my feel-good bed time? My upstairs neighbor and her kids are running around above my living room - to the point where it's shaking a wrought iron mirror screwed onto my dining room wall.
 But the bedroom is usually much quieter upstairs. THANK GOD! Time for a cup of tea and some reading before I crash out.

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  1. See, taking care of yourself can lead to good things :)!