Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting Over It

So today I realized that I need to get over this grump-slump I've been in.

I mean, it's uncharacteristic of me to be annoyed by other girls who have their Sailor's home for the holidays. In fact, I'm not even going to BE here for the holidays. Between work and events I have planned, I know this month will fly by. Yes, I don't hear from My Sailor as often as I'd like - but I'm not the first woman to go through this, nor will I be the last.  I remind myself that emotions that sometimes seem petty are a normal part of the process.

And I'm doing a great job at not taking it out on others - but I am NOT doing a good job of not taking it out on me. I haven't been great about taking care of myself, and it's time I came clean about it.

The apartment is a mess. Dishes have been in the sink for a couple days. The recycling needs to be taken out. The laundry needs to be done, FOLDED and PUT AWAY (it's been in baskets for nearly a month - clean most of it, but still).

But it's my body that is getting the worst of it. I've been taking Nyquil all week. First it was to stave off a cold, but yesterday it was to shut my brain down so I could sleep hard. I've been going to bed later, sleeping harder, and waking up later, still sore. I'm happiest when I'm in bed around 10-10:30pm and up around 6:00am. Then I have time to get everything done at work and still have a good chunk of day left. When I get up at 9 or 10am (the dog has been letting me sleep in too - bad dog), I'm scrambling to "make up" the day and get it all done before midnight. Not a good place to be.

I haven't been drinking enough water, or taking my supplements.

True, they are little slips, but it's better I get a handle on this now.
So Sunday I'll be cleaning the apartment and giving myself a fresh start to a new week.

And no good deed in my house goes unrewarded - Soo... I think I deserve some Muppet love. ;)


  1. J, I'm sure you miss your Sailor. Muppet love sounds good - I need to see that yet.

  2. Hey, all that stuff is normal. It wouldn't be normal if you didn't miss your Sailor and slip a little.

    The important thing is that you're recognizing that things aren't right and are going to work on correcting them. You can do it, just remember to give yourself a break once in a while too. A little pampering goes a long way!

  3. I know what you mean I've been in a total funk lately too.

    I get crabby while Brian's at work then crabby when he just wants to relax with games. it's a crappy feeling.