Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Unexpected Delight - Trillium Winery

Today didn't turn out at all like I expected. I woke up, and my legs were feeling the spinning class I took last night. Had me a little concerned, but when you have a dog, you have to get out of bed. so out we went!

I like to make my weekend breakfasts "special". So today was Pumpkin Pancakes (I'd picked the mix up at World Market the week before - and it's delicious and only 90 calories) and scrambled egg beaters. Then I headed off to the Holly Daze craft fair I'd been looking forward to all week.

Overall, I found the craft fair (held in an nearly empty and somewhat run down mall) expensive and rather disappointing.It was held in a local older mall, where over 1/2 of the stores were empty. In fact, they were offering to rent them out as "event space" (for weddings, etc) at dirt cheap prices. Having my wedding reception in a run down mall doesn't ring 'romantic' to me - so they must really be struggling. I came with a $40 budget, and left empty handed. It's sad when a franchise like PartyLite has the best stuff there...

I headed over to another mall to use a Macy's gift card that's been burning a hole in my pocket. Nothing there knocked my socks off, so I held on to my gift card for another day. To console myself, I headed to Barnes and Noble. After a cup of my favorite hot tea (Holiday blend - YUM!), and a stroll through World Market again (curtains were on sale and I have my eye on some) I headed home. It's a bit of a drive, and I was feeling lonely, so I called a few friends. I gave up after 2 voice mails and 2 curtailed family conversations (all of my family was working), I gave up on company and focused on enjoying the brisky, sunny day it was turning into.

Once home, I promised Clydas a hike. We headed out check out a state park I'd seen signs for, but have yet to visit - Penrose park. After a longer drive than I anticipated, we arrived at the park 10 minutes before the park closed. It would cost us $10 to get out and walk for 10 minutes. Yes, I had money left over from my craft fair budget, but - Forget that! Though the drive was pretty, weekends are proving the toughest right now.
Today hadn't been fabulous. I called a couple friends to catch up, and left voice mails. I called my family, and they were busy, keeping the conversations brief. I was feeling a bit lonely.
Now, I've always found wineries to have a calming, creative feel too them (even before I could drink at them).

When I saw the sign for Trillium Winery, I figured, what the heck, and went for it.
I figured, worst thing that could happen is that they'd be closed. It was a chance I was willing to take.  I drove up to the tasting room.
Trillium Winery Tasting Room

Beautifully quaint, isn't it? I found the tasting house of a tiny one lane low mountain road lined with evergreens and small farm house properties. It was nearly sunset and a brisk 50 degrees outside.

Ducking inside the small cottage-like tasting room, I was greeted by 4 guests and Claude, the wine maker himself. He approached me immediately, shaking my hand, glassy eyed, as I would have expected from any french winemaker.

Proud Winemaker Claude

Claude took pride in introducing me to his unique wines. I'd seen the winery online, but never saw the bottles around town. Turns out, there is a reason for that. Claude's wines are rather exclusive. Made with a more natural process, he manages to retain a the flavor of the fruit in a manner that is beautifully full bodied without having the usual syrupy texture and flavor I've found in a number of larger produced California wines.

I have to say, the wines of the Pacific Northwest have been a pleasant surprise overall. And this was by far the best experience I've had. It's rare to meet a wine maker face to face without paying for an expensive paired meal, and even then, you don't get to really share one on one time. When the other group left, Claude was quick to engage me in conversation and show off some of his unique and amazing wines. I got a taste of his remarkable reserve Cabernet. I came home with 2 bottles and I can't wait to pick up one of the reserves to share with My Sailor when he comes home

Claude makes wine he likes to drink.

Apparently Claude and I think the same way.

Turned out to be a delicious night.

Thank you, Claude, for saving my day.
Click here for a link to Trillium's website - and let me know if you're in the area! I'd love an excuse to introduce you to the world of Trillium's wine maker.

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  1. A disappointing start turned in to a pretty good day after all!