Monday, October 3, 2011

Starting off the week right!

 Check it out. That's MY DOG - standing on all fours! Well, pretty much. He had a wound check this morning and a new bandage put on. It's less constricting and he's moving around a bit more. Or at least he was at the vet's office. It pretty much tuckered him out for the day. But he's jumping up on and off the couch now on his own. Everyday he's making such big improvements. It really eases my heart. It was a tough decision to put him through surgery, but he's proving it was the right thing. Friday he has another wound check and dressing change.

I started off this morning by hitting up the YMCA after dropping My Sailor off at work this AM. It worked out well! It was HARD to get up that early (5:15 am) and get a good work out in, but I'm feeling great that I did it! Tried a new machine called an AirTrek. It gave me a great work out in 20 minutes. Looking forward to seeing how it continues to reshape my body. It's also set me up well for eating right. So far so good today, but I'll be blogging more about that on the health blog.

It's time for me to head back to work. Got the usual post-month-end junk to catch up on, housework, and some stuff to work on for My Sailor's seabag. I have a housefull of junk food right now, ready for the fall baking binge coming up any day now.

LOVING the fall cool, drizzly weather! Back to work!

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  1. That's great news on Clydas - he looks like he's more mobile!

    Great job getting that early workout in too!