Thursday, October 27, 2011

The early shift, a little remodeling, and weekend planning

I've started working "the early shift" at work, and I'm remembering why I like it.

I'm not a big morning person. It's not that I hate them - it's just that it's so warm and comfy under my covers - who wants to get up and start moving around a 40 degree house? Not to mention, as soon as I get up, no matter what the hour, Clydas will HAVE to go out. I prefer to hold out until the sun has been up for a while, but getting up early certainly has its rewards.

So, since I'm tired of waking up to an apartment that feels drafty, even though all the windows are closed, I've decided to take a friend's advise and spruce the place up with some CURTAINS. Not the flap-in-the-breeze kind, but the heavier seal-out-the-unwanted-breeze-and-light type. Nothing too permanent, but if this is what the house feels like first thing in the morning in the fall - then I am going to be a dying of frostbite by the time winter kicks into high gear. So I figure heavy curtains are the least expensive solution to the problem. Just have to figure out a simple way to hang them, and I'll be good! I'm sure they have a Renter's-Guide-for-Hanging-Curtains-For-Dummies out there somewhere. Besides, it'll be a good weekend project for me that will make the next 6 months here FAR more livable.

Well, it's time to pop my lasagna in the oven! Gotta go!


  1. Good thick curtains make a big difference when it's cold in the house for sure and it can make you feel all cozy and warm :)! Good luck with your project!

  2. mm lasagna! I love it!

    i hear you on drafty apartments but my thing currently is burning up all the time no matter what the temperature is. Apparently having a baby makes you turn into an oven. Sigh.

    Good luck on your home improvements!

  3. They don't call it baby bakin' for nothin'! :)