Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Workout update to be proud of!

This is one ugly photo that I'm pretty proud of!

Why you ask? Well, I'm sick (have a nasty cold, but you already knew that) and I'm EXHAUSTED (as part of being sick) yet I managed to clock my BEST MILE TIME YET this afternoon! I walked the dog at about 4mph for 1 mile to warm up and then dropped off the pooch and started jogging.

Most of my runs have more accurately been "run walks". Even then I was making progress:
Mile Time
June: 11 minutes, 51 seconds
July 17th: 10 minutes, 35 seconds
July 28th: 9 minutes, 20 seconds!!!!!!!!!
I heard a podcast (This Running Life - a personal favorite) where a famous runner was interviewed. He happened to mention that beginning runners often start out too fast and burn out. So I focused this run on starting out slower. It felt like I was barely going faster than my walking pace of 4 mph, but the stop watch does not lie! I must have been cookin'! Maybe cold medicine makes me faster? lol

So I focused on not stopping. Yes, I walked a bit, but no more than 2 minutes MAX. I was pretty happy with it overall, and it's got me looking forward to my next 5 K!

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  1. Very impressive - you should be so proud. You've made some impressive progressive over the last few months!