Friday, July 15, 2011

Might be a little bit down in the mouth....

First, the good news! I went for a mile run yesterday and shaved over 1 minute off my mile time! This makes me really excited for the virtual 5k I'll be running tomorrow! Team Voice is running a virtual 5k and I'll be putting in $10 for our Make-a-Wish fundraiser. I'm actually pretty excited about the challenge.

You know you're an adult when you have the chance to see a big name movie, but turn down a midnight showing so you can go to bed early.  Last night, the local drive-in movie theater that we love so much was playing the both of Harry Potter Volume 7 movies back to back for one night only. But with My Sailor's increased duty schedule lately, he's really tired lately - and I'm still wrestling with some exhaustion issues of my own. So we opted to go to bed early (like, the-sun-was-still-out-early) instead of go to the movies. Now, I'm not THAT much of a Potter fan, but I enjoy the films so we'll probably go see it tonight sometime, but it's funny how something like being tired wouldn't have stopped me a few years ago!

So the Down In The Mouth part I think I have to face that I might be wrestling with a tiny bit of depression/adjustment reaction to life right now. See, I'm a long term planner. With My Sailor's schedule right now, long term planning is out of the question and it's hard. Not to mention there is NO way to make EVERYONE happy. My family feels we should have a very small wedding in California or Washington. They are under the impression that either of those options would be less expensive.

Actually, they aren't less expensive. I've done the research.

Yes, if we got married in California in the San Diego area, most of my family and friends wouldn't have to travel, so it would be cheaper for them, however this would probably increase the attendance list, and make it more expensive for the couple throwing the party - namely, us. We'd still have to travel. (Nowhere around here is a)in our budget range and b) nice enough.) All of his family would have to travel.

Now, My Sailor is also against the whole California idea, largely due to the added expense for his family - but he wants to Honeymoon on a Mexican Rivera cruise - which all leave out of LA.

Does your head hurt? Mine does.

So we're back to being settled on Shades of Green, in Disney World, in the Fall of 2012.

But "fall" is a big time of year. Anything more specific, I don't know. Nothing is booked and we have no idea what his schedule will look like next year.

So we had a good heart to heart last night -
And I found out a few things that were really comforting.
I'm not alone in my frustration with our inability to set longer term concrete plans.

I mean, I would LOVE a vacation - but that isn't really in the cards until sometime next year.

Only a few more months to go until "next year"!

But at least all of this also helps explain my problem sleeping (or oversleeping)! I'm sure "this too shall pass". I really have such a good life that it's difficult to complain, but overall - I've been feeling a bit down in the mouth lately.

Hopefully tonight's date night/dinner w/ some of his Navy friends will boost my spirits!

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  1. Congrats on the mile time - that's impressive.

    I know what you mean about the tiredness and letting it sort of dictate your schedule, or in this case miss a midnight movie :). Saw the movie today and going back to see it in 3D tomorrow - it was great.

    Hang in there with the planning and wedding, I'm sure you'll work it all out.