Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Work Out Update!

So here's what's happened for the last month:

I've eaten under my calories (but over my 1200 min) all but 1 day in the last 40. I've worked out (walks of 30 minutes or more, or elliptical random hill training on a setting of 5-7 for 20+ minutes, or 30+ minutes of Just Dance 2).

Within the first month, I quickly lost 5 lbs, going for 211-207.
However, during the next month, with no real changes to my diet, I put back on most of that.

These measurements were taken on June 16th when I was at 210 lbs:
Here was June 13th - where I weighed in at 210 lbs that day:
Neck  13.5
Waist 40
Chest 42
R Arm 14
Hips 50.5 (UGH!!!!!! Applebottom Jeans anyone?)
R Thigh 29.5
R Calf  1

As of this morning ( a month later) I'm down to 208 and these are my measurements:
Neck 13.5 - No Change
Waist 36 - -4 inches!!!!
Chest 42 - No Change
R Arm 13.25 - -.75 inches!!!!
R Thigh 29.5 - No Change
R Calf 16 - -1 inch!!!!
Hips 48 - -2.5 inches!!!

Total change: -6 inches!!!!

So I lost half a FOOT OF FAT!!!! Though as of this moment, I'm only down 3lbs from my heaviest (211) last month. I've actually stopped really recording my daily weight, because I'm seeing a change in my figure. I can wear clothes that were uncomfortably snug, so it's paying off. I just wish it would pay off on the scale. But I'm sure if I keep it up, it will be in time.

While it hasn't really shown up on the scale, it's shown up elsewhere!  It's only a matter of time before it melts off!


  1. woo hoo!! I have big hips too though you are likely taller than me (?) and about 14 lbs lighter than me (jealous jealous)

    keep up the good work... I am going to so get just dance 2 when i can!

  2. We are very similar in measurements and weight and I'm working on losing again too. Those measurement numbers are awesome - you're doing something right for sure :)!

    Keep it up and the scale will follow, it's just a matter of time.

    And again, welcome to Team Voice!

  3. YAY!! good numbers!!!
    Have a great weekend!!