Thursday, July 28, 2011

"All I Really Need to Know I Learned from the Mouse"

What populates my desk on a daily basis

So I have a little bit of a cold still and but I'm too busy to really be sick right now. Today I have 10 hours to work at my desk job, and another 3-4 hours of rehearsal. Add in a work out and some house work, and I have a pretty full day. My Sailor is on Duty until tomorrow night, so I'm looking forward to some bubble bath and a book time before bed tonight.

With all of that going on, I look for the little things that inspire me. Here's a few:
1) My Figment mug. What is a "Figment"? Well, according to his creator, he's "2 tiny wings, eyes big and yellow, horns of a steer, but a lovable fellow. From head to tail, he's royal purple pigment. And there, Eureka, you've got a Figment!" Figment is a purple dragon that's become "the character" of Epcot. Designed specially for the Journey Into Your Imagination attraction, this little dragon is a "figment of imagination".  He's one of my favorite characters. I've always seen the value in a healthy imagination, even when (or perhaps, especially when, you're an adult).
2) My "All I need to know I learned from the Mouse" Book.  It's a great little book that includes stills from Mickey cartoons along with a moral for the story. For example, a picture from Steamboat Willy shows Mickey yelling at Pete. It's captioned "Question Authority". I love it.

When I think about my love of Disney, I'm so glad that I have people around me that understand and enjoy it as well! You find Disney fans in the craziest of places, but I generally find them to the be fun, open minded, creative people who understand the importance of dreams, inspiration, and doing the impossible.

What "impossible" task will I conquer next? I'm not quite sure, but if we can pull off this Animal Kingdom wedding without a hitch, I'll be thrilled!


  1. Those are great things to keep your spirits up. I love Figment - he's been a favorite of mine since the very first time I saw him :)!

  2. I made a Figment the last time I was at Disney - it's on my computer. I'm glad that our love of Disney gave us a connection!