Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Start of a Very Productive Saturday!

It all started around 6am when I woke up to drop My Sailor off for work. From there it's been a whirlwind of awesome.

I treated myself to a petite vanilla scone and a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks this morning and a leisurely trip to Walmart. I grabbed some new PJs for me and My Sailor (he's had his eye on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for him, Minnie Mouse for me) and the complete Toy Story trilogy on Blu- Ray (yeah for sales!).

Once I came home, I strapped on my running shoes and headed out to complete my virtual 5k for Team Voice!   I wouldn't have been able to do it tomorrow since My Sailor and I are going to the rock climbing gym in the AM, and then I have rehearsal until the cows come home.  I've decided I can afford to donate $10 to Team Voices Make-A-Wish fund for every 5k I run, since this is likely to be a monthly or bi-monthly event.

From then on, I've been neck deep in catching up on housework before I head to the theater to rehearse! I'm bringing a Luna bar and a Fiber One bar with me so that I can stay on track diet wise. I also have some fruit I can bring too.

I got to text a bit with my mom today! They got back into the states last week and it's been super busy for them. She's going to send me a photo of my wedding gown so that I can get a good picture of the colors. I'm really curious to see how it turned out (and how it'll look now that I have my peacock hair piece sitting on my dresser. SO EXCITED!).

As you can tell, today is a MUCH better day - lack of sleep aside. For once, I don't feel completely exhausted and drained. I have a few hours of work to finish after rehearsal and then I'm all done for the day.

BTW - Harry Potter Vol 7 Part 2? AWESOME. A great, satisfying ending to the series. Saw it last night in 3D and it was good. (Probably equally enjoyable w/o the 3D though).

Next on the MUST SEE movie list? Winnie the Pooh! Hopefully Tuesday (which is $5 movie day at the local theater).

Have a great Saturday! I'm off to fold laundry and finish cleaning!


  1. Funny story about Winnie the Pooh... my dad saw the trailer for it and said to my mom "Piglet's stuck in a tree!" and she heard "Piglet's in rehab?!" lol best Winnie the Pooh movie ever. I love Eeyore to bits.

    I havent seen DH part 1 yet, so have to catch up before I can see part 2!