Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I'm excited about tonight!

Sharing with you the Pacific Northwest Highland games! We went on Saturday, so click here. to check it out!  

Working out! I'm finally not sick anymore (or at least practically recovered) and I can't wait to work out and actually kick my butt a bit. We just picked up Dance Dance Revolution and I'm NOT good enough at it to get a good work out out of it, but it's a great way to work on my coordination. Just by increasing my work outs I'm seeing some changes in my legs that I'm very happy with, as well as some changes in my overall shape.

GAME NIGHT tonight!
We're breaking in Pirate's Life! It's a version of the Life board game, but it's based on Pirates of the Caribbean (the attraction, not the film series). It's a Disney Theme Park Exclusive game that I found on Ebay for a STEAL! (Get it? Pirates? Steal? I know... I'm not very funny, but I do try!) We're going to fold laundry and get things cleaned up a bit here and then relax to some awesome games and delicious wine. I can't wait!

Checking it out from the side w/ side ponytail (2)


Added to a French Braid (1)
Wedding decisions made! Okay, so I've had my hand-made hair clip I found on kicking around here for a while, my mom has my gown safely stored at her house, and we have a venue and date range picked out, I feel like I can make some decisions now! YEAH!!!!! I decided on a bridesmaids gown for my ladies and shared it with them today, and I'm also thinking about all those other style things that are more personal decisions than anything else. For example, yesterday I was figuring out how to make the fan I'll be carrying instead of flowers. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for lanterns for my girls to carry (instead of flowers, since it'll be an evening ceremony - after all, flowers die! These they can keep!). AND I've been toying with my hair. Though I'm in dire need of a haircut, here were some ideas I played with. I think the French braid one is my favorite so far. LOVE the way it looks from behind - but then again, I like the way the way #2 looks too. What do ya'll think? My dress is ivory with a band of Clover (per Alfred Angelo) on the neckline (and other places). Weigh in! 
Side ponytail (3)
Just holding one side back (4)

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  1. Sounds like you have a good evening of games planned.

    I like the french braid - very pretty, although they all look nice.