Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workout Update - Some Froggy Inspiration and Stress Management

This week is supposed to be beautiful here. Mid 70's, sunny, and BEAUTIFUL. So beautiful, that I decided to get back on the 5k/day band wagon that fell apart when work and Hell Week collided (though, for the record, I walked A TON while the family was out here - between the beach, the zoo, stairs at the theater, Pioneer Square, the Seattle Underground Tour, etc - I actually LOST 1 pound). Now that my schedule has quieted down just a little, I've started to really kick it into gear in the work out front and get back on my 5K/Day challenge.

I'm very happy to announce that I'm pretty much running 2 solid miles w/o walking anymore. YEAH! It's exciting to see myself grow as an athlete (did I just call myself an ATHLETE?!) . I may never be winning races, but I seem to reach a new Personal record every month! Today I shaved 3 seconds off my mile time from August 3rd! I'll take it!
Anyway, as I've said before, I find that DAILY work outs are essential for my stress management. Especially in the next few months. While I'm excited to announce I'll be visiting my home town (and no doubt stopping at Disneyland) for the holidays, I will be spending most of my spare time up here focusing on my fitness until my next birthday.

While I can feel the Fat Girl in me saying, "That's a LOT of work. Really?!" The person I am now overpowers with an immediate, "The benefits are going to be awesome. You're gonna look and feel SO good! 32 will be THE BEST YEAR YET for your health and fitness! You can do anything."

Yet, I haven't seen a lot of changes on the scale. I guess that's a GOOD thing. It means I didn't really gain weight during Hell Week. In fact, there were many times that My Sailor had to make sure I stopped to eat something other than a Nugo Protein bar (delicious and inexpensive by the case at CostCo) and an apple. I was concerned a bit because I was operating off very little sleep, but it turns out that it all worked out and I was down 1 pound on Sunday. I will admit that i did feel a bit like a blob though since I didn't get in anything like a "structured" work out, though we coupled eating out and walking around very well.

I'm also under the impression that acting burns a lot of calories. It's exhausting to emote on such a big scale!

Anyway, as I rounded the last 1/4 mile of my 3rd and final mile today, this song popped into my head. Enjoy!

Next update will probably be later today or tomorrow and should include some Underground Tour photos!

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