Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mindset Changes and Glee invades my dreams

Mindset changes
 I realized today, as I clocked out for my 1st lunch break, that I'm 1/3rd of the way through the work day! (It's a 12 hr shift today.) I also have a long list of chores to do (laundry, vacuming, dusting, bathroom cleaning) today. I am leaving for Oregon to visit some friends, and, let's face it, unless it involves putting laundry in the machines and taking it out, or the occasional load of dishes in the sink, My Sailor is just too tired to deal with it. The Navy has been running him ragged lately. So, stiff upper lip, carry on, and I have my to-do list cut out for me tonight! I chipped away at the dishes and am ready to move the laundry I ran during lunch into the dryer.

What is the mindset change I noticed?
Instead of getting overwhelmed by my massively ambitious to-do list, I find myself tackling it one moment at a time, knowing I filled the moment before with as much as I could to complete the task, whether it's at my job or some cleaning chore, with all quality and attention it needed to be completed. It feels good. I may not get it all done today, but I might find some time to get up early tomorrow and finish it up.

My Sailor and I  did go to the fair on Sunday. It was a hot day, and we walked around. When I was younger, stuffing myself full of fried fair food was a treat! But on that day, we shared 1 elephant ear w/ cinnamon and sugar - and we threw 1/2 of it away. Turns out quickly fried dough isn't good on a hot day beyond a few bites. We weren't even really tempted by anything, should we did split one chocolate chip cookie from a local bakery stand on the way out. It was just "okay". We didn't spend a fortune on anything. We played a couple of games and we looked at the rides, but everything was SO expensive, we couldn't justify throwing even our full budget for the trip into the experience. We ended up giving our extra game/ride tickets to a family with a young child. Hopefully it made their day a little brighter.

What is the mindset change I noticed?
The Fair isn't what it used to be back before the internet was prolific. Now, if I really wanted battered-deep-fried-fill-in-the-blank, I can get it online. It's not as "special" as it was then. Oh - and I realized just what Mom and Dad felt when they scoffed at the price tags of things like a simple ferris wheel ride.

Dream on!

As you may or may not know, I'm somewhat notorious for having bad dreams. I don't mean your average "bad dreams". I mean full on nightmares and night terrors that would curl your toes. Lately, most of my dreams, pleasant or otherwise, include my family members, so I guess I miss them more than I think I do.

Anyway, last night's dream was actually funny. (For the record, I do not watch Glee- I just enjoy the music from time to time.)

I dreamed that my mom was the principle of a high school (think Ivy league brick building and everything) but she was attacked (shot) by a man who happened to be wearing a Jewish Prayer Shawl. So she outlawed all shawls on campus. Never one to take something lying down, I started a full on revolt - musical style! The student body was gathered there and I started a rousing speech about how we should be allowed to wear shawls and scarves! A musical number kicked in that would make High School Musical blush, and we started dancing around. I passed out TONS of shawls and scarves (purple ones, which have NOTHING to do with Jewish Prayer Shawls - purple just happens to be my favorite color). In the way of all good rebels, I got called into the principles office to face my mom and discuss the issue.  During the discussion, I brought up how it was smart it was to outlaw all shawls/scarves in the dress code, rather than outlawing Jewish Prayer Shawls in specific as that was unconstitutional (even in my DREAMS I'm logical).  (Now in waking life, my mom's best friend is a Jewish gal whom I consider an aunt, so we bare Jewish people NO ill will whatsoever.) I validated the fact that the attack must have been horrifying for her.  Then I asked her if the man was wearing jeans. She said he was. I brought up that, if she outlawed every thing her attacker wore, I would be going to school in my underwear and NOBODY wants to see THAT! She conceeded the point and lifted the ban.

I woke up to discover the entire "episode" took about 2 hours.

Glee - eat your heart out.


  1. LOL funny what a dream! I rarely remember mine any more, I am so exhausted by the end of the day!

    Have a good time in Oregon and keep us updated. Hows your toe?

  2. Not causing me much pain at all anymore. :) Okay to walk on. Will take a week or two to completely heal, but I'll take that! :)

  3. Oh wow - now that is some dream...

    I can understand about the fair - I've found that it's just expensive now and if I really want to splurge on food - greasy fried stuff is not what I really want or will enjoy.

    Isn't it strange how our perceptions change as we age? I mean did you ever think you'd complain about the price of fair rides? :)!

    Good job tacking the do list - I have trouble with that before a trip, always to much to do and not enough time no matter how early I start.

    Have a good trip and visit!