Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Great Coupon Experiment

So I made a list and started coupon hunting just to see how much I could save this week. I actually went shopping on Wednesday. I've been looking forward to blogging about it for a
while now!

Now, this wasn't a "typical" grocery runs. We needed some cleaning supplies (paper towels) and I chose to stock up on a few of our favorites as they were on a great sale and will encourage us to eat at home, rather than go out when we're tired. I did end up running a little short on fruit - who would have thought we could go through 1 cantalope in 2 days? So it wasn't just "buy with a discount". It was "Buy healthy with a discount."

Stores visited:
2 (Albertsons and Sarrs)
Items Obtained:
15 rolls of paper towels - $6.99 (Regularly $9.99)
1 head romaine lettuce - $.69
5 extra large loose carrots - $.69/lb
5 Roma tomatoes - $.45/lb
44 loads worth of Arm and Hammer Laundry detergent - $3.99 (Regularly $6.99)
8 Yoplait greek yogurts - $1/each  (Regularly $1.54)
8 Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees - $1.88/each (Regularly $2.49)
1 medium cantalope - $.99 (regularly $1.50)
Approximate total w/ tax: $30

We won't need paper towels for MONTHS, and the detergent should last into the winter. The Lean Cuisines will keep us from going out when we just want something simple and don't really want to cook. Veggies and fruit are necessities for healthy living, and greek yogurt is a great form of protein (more protein than 2 eggs in each serving, with none of the saturated fat).

So far, I'd consider it a success.

Too bad I recently added about $10 to the budget, when I cut open a toe. Not only did I track blood all over the house (I didn't immediately realize I'd cut my foot, I thought I just stubbed it...) but I could probably do with a few stitches. Armed with some new gauze pads and medical tape, my plan is to get through the weekend. And if I STILL feel I need stitches, I go in on Monday. There's a good chance of infection/contamination, since I cut it on Clydas's sharp bone - but don't blame the dog, it's my own darn fault. Thinking it was just his rope toy, I kicked it, hard, to send it flying across the room... I didn't realize the bone was right under it. Leave it to me!

Nap time for me, and then back to work!

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  1. Oh, I am so familiar with doy toy injuries...I recently took a header to the floor tripping over a dog toy in the dark.

    Sounds like you had a good coupon shopping experience!