Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Fair day! It's Fair day!

I'm so excited. My Sailor and I will be checking out the Puyallup Fair today!  I'm sure it won't be as huge as the San Diego County Fair (aka The Del Mar Fair), but I'm sure it'll be fun. The weather is perfect for it too. We're both pretty exhausted though. I'm not sure who needs to recover from his duty days more- him or me! But getting out is healthy so we're bound to do it! I'm really hoping the fair has cinnamon rolls. I saved my calories for some sweet treats, and I'm sure we'll do a LOT of walking. I wonder how many crazy rides he'll be able to talk me into. (Good luck, My sailor! If it only takes 1 screw to put it up, it only takes 1 screw to fall apart, so I'll pass, thanks!)

As for the toe - I can wear tennis shoes without screaming (thanks to gauze and lots of cloth tape - a MUST HAVE combo for any of my first aid kits). That's good news. It also looks MUCH better today than it did yesterday. Clean, not as red, so I might be able to dodge stitches and a doctor's visit after all. Yeah!


  1. i missed the post about your toe! eek get better girlie! glad that you had so much fun at the fair ours should be coming up at the end of the month i am so excited. no rides for me this year though :(

  2. Oh, the Puyallup Fair - I went to that many times as a kid growing up in WA...It was always a lot of fun, hope you enjoy yourselfs.

    Glad to hear the toe is looking better and I hope you don't have to go get stitches!