Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Little Christmas in September

As I sit here on a quiet Sunday morning, enjoying a cup of warm cider, wrapped up in a blanket with a cuddly boxer dog using my knee for a pillow, I realize that Christmas is only 3 months away. This year certainly flew - not to mention has seen a ton of changes! Today, the weather is crystal clear and a beautiful 70 degrees, but I'm sure soon enough it feel more and more like fall - and then winter will seep in.

I can't wait for cool weather, warm fires, bundling up under a blanket. I'm also looking forward to the fall care packages that will be going out as soon as I get to baking as well.

Yeah - it seems a bit early to start thinking about the holidays, but I guess I just love the way they feel so much that it's hard not to get nostalgic and excited at the same time. With the snow still capping the mountains, I have to wonder what the winter vibe will be like here (even though I'll be in Southern California over Christmas).

In the mean time, I'm trying to get My Sailor to take a weekend off with me. According to my calendar, he'll have duty just about every weekend this month. Duty usually leaves him pretty well exhausted, so I feel like we could both us a little down time together without writing or a play, or work catching up with us. We'll see how it all pans out, but I'm hopeful.

Anyway - I'm think I'm going to settle in to watch a Christmas movie before I head off for the final performance of Into The Woods! While I'm considering doing one more play this year, I'm thinking that I'm probably going to have my hands full between training for the Princess 1/2 in Feb 2012 and Volleyball. We'll see how ambitious I get. ;)

Hope everyone is enjoying the last vestiages of summer! Tomorrow is a TRUE day off for me (no work, no shows, no writing) - so tell me how are ya'll planning on welcoming the fall?

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  1. Running outside - I can't wait for fall. I am tired of the treadmill and 100+ degree temps everyday...Fall is still just a dream here in AZ, but I'm more than ready for it!