Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stories from the Road &The Highlight Reel

Today was a day that I never anticipated...

I got done with my desk job around 3am and was sound asleep by 4am with the intention to sleep until 9am. The dogs didn't fee the same way. Odin and Clydas were up around 7am, resulting in lots of broken sleep from there on out.

I was thinking about possibly NOT going to the gym. Afterall, I had yet to pack for my trip to California. I could certainly fill the time with something else.

But then one of my favorite workout jams (Fort Minor's "Hall Of Fame" ) came on and I just couldn't resist. (See? I have my moments when I'm not sure if 'should' go or not too.)

So I went.

I kept it pretty simple today - just rocking out some intervals without lifting. The weight room was busy and I didn't have time to wait on anyone. So I took over the rower and the track instead.

About a week ago, I did some rowing intervals with The Lady in Grey.  We did 8 intervals of  30seconds each. My max I hit ONCE during those 8 tries. It was 145 meters/30seconds.   Today,  I expected the results to be the same.. well... they weren't...

 In fact, I hit this new PR of 147m/30seconds THREE times during my 8 intervals! (At that point, I was reaching for 150, but maybe next time).

Then I decided to try my luck on the track. My previous PR was 48seconds/200m.  I'd been trying to beat it for a while, but so far no, no dice.

Then today, it happened...

First 22 was 44seconds
Second was 47seconds
Third was 45 seconds

It's going to be hell to break the 40's but its amazing to see what I'm capable of now. And on my own! I remember, my 2nd week with Trainer Guy, he put me through a sprint interval test. I remember longing for death not long into that work out. And now I'm doing them one my own?!  And I'm setting new records with them?!

I hope I never forget where I came from. Recently, someone who has only known me a few months watched the Highlight Reel I made to send to My Sailor.  (In case you're just tuning in, I'm married to a US Navy Submariner - who just happens to currently be deployed.) From the backgrounds, you can see where I added in crossfit, various competitions, and other gyms I've trained in while on the road. It's been a year plus of amazing momentum that I can't wait to pass on. The more I get involved, the hungrier I am for it. 

I never want to forget how much it hurt, and how hard it was to push through those walls. I truly believe that will serve me well in the future.

The day pretty much went downhill from there. Luckily I'd hammered all my stress out at the gym. I've had nothing but problem solving ahead of me.

I came home to Odin having destroyed my 2nd foam roller and having had an accident in the house. As I was cleaning everything up and packing my bag, my ride to the airport let me know she had a flat tire and had to get it fixed.

So that meant I was driving down there and paying for parking. Luckily, I'm pretty good with budgeting, so I was prepared for the unexpected (and significant) expense.

On my way to the airport I ran into 2 massive traffic snarls.

One was caused by people stopping for a family of ducks trying to cross the road...

No, I'm not kidding...

So I got out of the car and shuffled the ducks out of traffic.

Problem Solved.

But I still arrived at the airport too late.

So I talked to the ticket counter gal. They can't get me to San Diego tonight, so they are getting me to San Fransisco, then on the first flight out to San Diego in the morning.

I'm not entirely uncomfortable with any of it. I have relatives in San Fransisco that I can have dinner with.

That should be exceptionally fun.

They haven't seen me since pre-training days. There aren't many people who can say that, so I'm kinda looking forward to their reaction, so this should be a grand time, even if it all translates into an overnight in an airport terminal (though I'm still aiming to bum some carpet space in their apartment).

All that said, my constant companion managed to make it through security this time! That is, my speed rope! It's the easiest workout tool in my arsenal of awesome.

With all of this newly freed time on my hands... I wouldn't be surprised if I find my double unders during this trip...

And if I do end up crashing at the airport terminal... I wonder if the cleaning crew has seen anything stranger than someone doing hand stands and jump rope...

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