Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"And For My Next Trick...."

Today, my Sweetheart jeans from Old Navy found a new home. They still have plenty of wear left in them.  While they still 'kinda' fit across the thighs, it's safe to say they need a new home. The gal who took them off my hands is getting into her health journey in a big way. I know how annoying (and awesome) it can be to have to buy new clothes frequently as the first chunk of inches fall off. I have been very grateful for my friend's pants as they 'grew out of them' (by getting smaller), so it was nice to pay it forward a bit.
That said... I realized that there was a time when my waist was as wide as my shoulders! 

It's hard to believe my shoulders and my waist had this kind of ratio. I didn't get into this hoping to specifically reduce this ratio, but it's been fun to discover changes that occur along the path to getting stronger.  I'll always have a broad upper body. It's just my genes. That's not a complaint exactly. I really didn't need shoulder pads in the 1980's...though I'm pretty sure I wore them anyway...but I digress...

Event calendars for April and May are filling up fast! Next week, I go to California to visit my family. I'll have a week back on schedule here in WA, but then I'll be off to Florida for a the Expedition Everest Challenge. Then I'll be back in WA for a week before my local YMCA's Power Lifting Competition. Also, in May, I should be starting to take on some clients of my own for training, as well as probably setting up a summer "Death By Deck"  small group at the house...

What that ambitious schedule really translates into is keeping up on training and eating while traveling - both which I've made arrangements to do, as well as making sure I stay patient with myself during this transition. I'm not sure if Training will fall into line as full time gig right now (though it would be awesome if it did), so I'm not resigning my desk job just yet, but it's a possibility that it could happen later this year.

My aim for the competitions aren't to place first. They are to go, compete against my own bests, and see what happens. I can't control my competition. I can only control myself. It's me against me, really.

It's been a challenge to see my way through this without the input of My Sailor.  While I miss him a lot, I can't help but choose to believe he continues to be proud and supportive of me from afar. The only other option is to drive myself crazy with 'What if's' and that never got anyone anywhere.

Some risks are just worth taking.

Truth be told, I've always wanted to make a positive impact in the world in a big way.  Sharing the freedom, strength and confidence I've found with others sounds like a perfect fit to me. I just never saw it coming. From a coder working behind a desk making rich doctor's richer, to an author, coach, and motivator is quite a big change!

One that is long overdue...

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