Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kyndall - 'For Time'

This blog is usually all about me. But today it's all about Kyndall.

Remember that cute little girl in the Minnie Mouse dress I wrote about some time ago? Her family continues to inspire and amaze me as they move further into addressing Kyndall's needs to try to buy more time and more quality of life.

No child should have a disease named after them - but this one does.

The fighting spirit of this family touches me on a level I can't possibly describe. They are some of my touchstones. There are times when I don't think I can handle anything else and I'm overloaded. But I think of all they fight against every day. I think of how they steal moments of joy where they can make them. I see their priority set and how they pull together through all of this, though, like any family, they've had their moments. They aren't super human - but human in the best ways. Family in the best ways.

So in honor of Kyndall's battle for more time, here's Kyndall's WOD.

It doesn't matter if it takes you over an hour, or under 10 minutes - Leave a comment with your time and share a little bit of this fighter's fighting spirit.

No gym access? No excuses. This is all body weight stuff. No special equipment required.

5 Rounds
11 Burpees
29 sit ups

20 squats
15 second plank

For Time

 *If you find your time is NOT showing up for some reason, please email the list or a photo of the whiteboard to and I'll be sure it gets added to the list.


  1. Erin Kirchoff - Bruceton Mills, WV 19:05 Kellyn Cassell - Point Marion, PA 12:55
    John Hatfield - Morgantown, WV 25:32
    Andy Aurelio - Morgantown, WV 18:56
    Dan Haynes - Morgantown, WV 13:30
    Dave Hopkinson - Morgantown, WV 25:31

  2. Nikki Snyder, Bruceton Mills, WV 10:18

  3. We will be doing this as a Box!

    CrossFit Big Fish Erie, Pa

  4. Metropolitan Sewerage District lunch Crossfit crew in Asheville, NC:
    Shaun 18:00
    Owen 25:00
    Corey 25:45

  5. Modified for team burpees vs planks variation -
    - J, Nicole, Jenna 5:30 2 rounds

  6. 12:55 with training mask set at 6k elevation