Friday, November 11, 2011

Staying Power, And Old Friends.

Just Dance 3 is proving to be an amazing work out. My shoulders and arms ache in places that weight lifting never could, and, no matter how hurt I am, I seem to forget all about it when I'm in the throws of "Airplanes" or "California Gurls". So much fun and such a great work out.  And ya know, I think I actually AM picking up dance moves! Anytime I hear one of my favorite songs to play in the car, I start dancing in my seat. :) For a motion-challenged-dancer, that's a pretty big deal!

If there is one thing the journey to wellness has taught me - it's that there is really only one "trick" to healthy living. It's a huge part of just about anything in life - Staying Power.  My eating habits, drinking habits, work out habits, meditation habits, artistic habits and all that all have to do with Staying Power.  It's a pretty big concept to consider.

Small world - one of my childhood friends and I are planning to meet up next week. We were best buds through most of grade school, went different directions in high school, and just happen to end up in the same corner of the country now, so many years later. It's kind of a track to meet with her, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

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  1. I am in no way coordinated, but the dance video games do sound like a fun way to get moving. Glad you're enjoying them.

    Hope you have a good meet up with your friend!