Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 Things that make me smile right now

10 Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

1.My dog's thick winter coat is coming in - and it's GORGEOUS.

2. I'm doing well on MyFitnessPal today, despite a lazy day.

3.I get to send a package to My Sailor. It's fun coming up with goodies to send that are Sub-friendly.

4. Pumpkin Pancakes this morning. DELICIOUS.

5. That I'm about ready to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and find a nice, warm, quiet place to sit down and right.

6.Having great coupons for new shoes, and actually NEEDING some.

7. 2 words PAY DAY!

8. Day dreaming about what that first kiss will be like after SO LONG.

9. My Ipod with Christmas music on it.

10. One of my fellow Disney Wedding Mentor's came through with some AMAZING photos I can use for my next article, which I'm finishing today!

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