Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sleepless night

I just haven't been able to close my eyes tonight. I COULD get to work, but I have PLENTY of work ahead of me in a few hours.  I guess I'm wired from a visit into the city earlier today.

I got a call from Sistah' Girl and it was AWESOME to vent for a bit and chat with someone who both "gets me" and challenges my thinking. It's something I value about the people I hold dear.

I also got to share a meal with my bio-dad, which is always a good time. His work brought him into my neck of the woods, so we made time for it. It's been about a year since we last visited and A LOT has changed in a year!  I'm looking forward to sharing Disney World with my lil sis next year. We had such a great time at Disneyland last year for her birthday - she's the perfect age for this stuff.

Speaking of Disney - I've been a bit nostalgic lately, so I thought I'd share this nugget of J trivia with ya'll.

The first Disney movie My Sailor and I saw together in theaters was Tangled, last year.

This particular part had us both a little misty-eyed - and I don't think I'm giving anything away if you haven't seen the film. She's a princess in a Disney movie - OBVIOUSLY she's going to fall in love.  But that isn't the premise of the story. I just thought this scene film was too well done NOT to deserve a nod from me. So please enjoy this moment of beauty and nostalgia on me dear readers (ye brave, ye few).


  1. Sounds like you gads great day. Love Tangled, watched it the other day and that is a great part!!!

  2. We loved Tangled, too!

    Sending you a lot of strength and love while your Sailor is away. <3