Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snow on the horizon?

As the forecasters would have it, it appears that SNOW may be heading my way this weekend!

It'll be my first experience living in snow and I'm kind of excited about it. (I'm sure My Sailor would take this opportunity to tease me about being cold to no end - and honestly, I might just miss the ribbing, but I'm sure we'll have PLENTY of time for that when he gets back.)  There has been frost on the grass 2 mornings in a row now. I'm fixing the freezing situation around the house as quickly as I can. No, I haven't gotten to those curtains yet, BUT I did get a heater that uses a lot less electricity. I also picked up 2 new blankets, and I'm building up my winter wardrobe every chance I get. Next on the list is a winter coat. I'm still shopping around, but so far I have options. I just need to get into a store and try them on. My fall coat I LOVE and I can layer under it, but it's wool - which means not water proof which means not snow friendly. I do have a pair of snow-friendly boots on the way thanks to a sale at Famous Footwear.

I guess there is a lot on my mind that I'm a little too exhausted to write about at the end of 10 hr work days, so my blog may be a bit sparse - AND I'm more interested in keeping/getting my Wellness Journey blog moving lately. I guess it's because, outside of 10 hrs of work/day, preparing for company, and emailing My Sailor, not a whole lot is going on over here.

Expect pictures if the snow does arrive! I wonder how Clydas will take it...


  1. Max LOVES snow. Like, he face plants in it.

    It will have you laughing your arse off! Snow is alright... it's a lot like rain. The ice is the pain in the ass though.

  2. Snow for Thanksgiving - that used to be one of my favorite things as a kid. Love the snow!!!

  3. Clydas probably will like it. Bah humbug....I hate snow!