Friday, November 25, 2011

2 cents and Black Friday

"Through this endeavor, Shaich has proven that humanity is good – that when you trust in people, they won’t disappoint. " - Source

Today, I saw an expose on Panera Cares. You'll have to click on the link to find out the details.

Basically, it's a "pay-what-you-can" cafe.

During the same news cast, there were reports of shootings out front of several Walmarts, stampeding, beatings, and pepper spraying all connected to Black Friday.

Now, I'm all about getting a good deal. But even stronger than my urge to stay debt free during Christmas time, is my understanding that, for many, "the holidays" are just another day to be cold, hungry, and homeless. With Black Friday being a HUGE success this year, I'm saddened to think of the number of people who will wait in line at 3pm on Thanksgiving for a television, will refuse to put change or $1 in the Salvation Army tin.

Ever wonder how many people could be fed if EVERY BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPER put $.01 into a charity to feed people? I don't think anyone would be homeless.

So this year, my family has decided to give back. Sure, we'll have something to unwrap, but we're far more focused on what we can give back, rather than what we can shop for. This year, my folks decided to adopt a military family. I couldn't be more proud of my parents. In fact, if anyone reading this wants to get me a gift, get me this: Donate to a local charity. I don't just mean money. I mean time, food, toys, whatever you can.

Santa - I heard your challenge loud and clear this year.

So, leave your comments and tell me what you will do.
(Looking for some ideas? Click here.)

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  1. I hate Black Friday - I think it's just horrible and won't even leave my house on that day because it's just too darn crazy.

    I always try to give something over the holiday (other times of the year too) - just haven't picked what this year's will be yet.