Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm So Excited - and I just can't hide it! Oh no, oh no...

This morning, I jumped on the scale. I've been avoiding it for a few weeks now, because I was sick of seeing 212 on it.

So yesterday, I decided I was going t really pay attention to my calorie intake and stay within, if not below, my plan.  My Sailor let me cook dinner (which really helped! He's a great cook, but not entirely used to cooking meals that average about 250-300 calories. His, while healthy, are closer to 500 calories).

All that said and done, I managed things well yesterday! Working 10+ hour days, I haven't really made time to work out. I'm only taking 30 minute lunch breaks and that's really only long enough to either actually make and eat a lunch, or do 1 chore. I can't wait to get back to a regular work schedule soon. I'm sure Clydas is ready for me to get back to normal soon too! So someone isn't too tired to walk/run with him a couple times a day.

Anyway, that's my victory for the week! Being down 2 lbs!  And just in time for Green Guy's wedding in Yosemite. It's looking like it's gonna be a great summer.

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  1. Good for you - wish I could say the same!