Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've got it good even on a bad day.

Stands have appeared all over town selling fireworks (which is new to me - in CA, they are illegal).  For the past week plus I've been bugging My Sailor with "Are you working on the 4th of July?" as I try to make plans for something to do. See, everyday is different for him, and often times we only get about 24 hours notice on what the plan is for the next day. Makes planning things next to impossible. So, being the planner that I am, I have a Plan A and a Plan B so I can be flexible and roll w/ whatever happens.

However, last night My Sailor gave me the BEST news.
I'd resigned myself to making NO plans on the 4th of July and just spending it like I'd spend any other day off from work and rehearsal.

Last night, though, he told me that he's arranged for me to come on base and spend it with him! There is a pizza party, and we can watch the fireworks from a ship! How cool is that?!

So yesterday My Sailor and I had a kinda crappy day. It left us snappy and short tempered. But I have to give him kudos on this one. He really helped turn the whole day around! We were settled in to watch a movie (Season of a Witch - skip it...) and he pauses it and says, "Do you want to go to the jacuzzi?"

Ya know, I didn't even know that was what I needed until he brought it up! We hadn't been to the jacuzzi in a over a week, and I'm something of a fish when it comes to water.  I'd be in there every day if I could make the time.

Once I was in my swim suit, all was right with the world again. We got to unwind and just talk about nothing important for a good while before other people joined us. When the Jacuzzi got too crowded, we headed out, but MAN, that was JUST what I needed to help heal the frazzled nerves and get some R&R. And get AWAY from screens.  It's great to just enjoy the company of another person - rather than divide your attention between that and a screen.

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