Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poetry Slam - The Twisted Road

*Disclaimer: I haven't done a poetry slam in YEARS, however I was a published poet as a teen. I do still write from time to time, but rarely for public consumption, so here ya go!

The Twisted Road

From first the light of day we see,
The twisted roads unfolds.
On final morn when cease to be
The Twisted Road grows cold.

First parents guide us on our way,
But fight the road, we do.
And soon enough we're on our own,
And the Road continues too.

It turns and twists, with rolling hills
And mountains we must climb
Unexpected landslides
Which over we must rise.

The road is almost never straight
But no one is truly lost.
For when the heart's the compass
It won't matter the cost.

It takes us where we never dreamed
Where are some get tattered and torn,
But no matter the twisted, shadowed turn,
A sunkist moment is born.

No matter where it goes, my friend,
No matter the rabbit hole,
A guiding light will find it's way
To heal the winding road.

Travelers are not alone,
Though cold the wings may blow,
For every stumble along the road
Helps the traveler grow.

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