Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Beautiful Weekend - and a Broken Toe

If you were eagerly awaiting the results of Measurement Monday - you'll have to wait 1 more week. Yesterday was so incredibly busy, I didn't get to it. It was pretty productive though! I ended up working my full day, getting the grocery shopping done at several stores, and finishing my latest article for Celebrations Magazine.
In fact, I even managed to get my foot tangled in the cord to my Acer and break a toe right before bed. Talented, aren't I?
But I wanted to share some of my amazing weekend with you, dear readers (ye brave, ye few).

Me and Disney Legend Floyd Norman

Me and Jonathon "The Voice" Dichter

Me and Lou Mongello of WDWRadio

Me, My Sailor, and Disney Legend Jack Lindquist

Saturday, My Sailor and I went to the Pacific Northwest Mousemeet! The PNW Mousemeet was awesome. It gave a great taste of Disney right here in Washington and was well worth the drive. I got to meet 2 Disney Legends (Floyd Norman and Jack Lindquist), as well as several online Disney Fan personalities! We got some merchandise signed (photos of that once it's all framed and hug) and got to donate to 2 really great causes (Make-A-Wish and Avon Breast Cancer Walk). It was a long day, but a great one!  To my surprise, My Sailor didn't just "tolerate" my Disney Day, but ENJOYED himself! Even sitting through the Disney Legends as speakers. I could have listened to Jack Lindquist for hours! Floyd had some really funny cartoons of Walt to share too. All in all, it was an amazing day.

Sunday, I had rehearsal. Gotta love the irony of having such a beautiful day and having to spend it indoors in a room with no windows. But once rehearsal began, I didn't miss the sunshine outside. My Sailor and I made the best of the morning though! We drove down to Gig Harbor and had breakfast at a little mom and pop cafe. Their patio is the dock.

Rehearsal went great and the show is really coming together. This group is so talented, this is probably the first time I've been in a show and not wondered "How is this going to EVER come together?!" The show is going to be amazing. And for such a tiny theater! I'm impressed with everything the group is doing - from the set to the directing.

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  1. wow that sounds like a great time :) Glad that you had so much fun!